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The Electronic Source Record - What EDC Should Have Been

Clinical Ink offers an Electronic Source Record (ESR) for clinical trials that provides cleaner data more quickly — saving money by eliminating SDV, reducing queries, allowing for remote document review and reducing monitor site visits. Clinical Ink's SureSource™ solution runs on tablets, allowing validated source data to be entered on protocol specific eSource documents that retain the look and feel of paper forms. The source data and documents can then be managed, viewed and stored via our secure web portal.

SureSource™'s interface is designed with the benefits of pen and paper in mind. Unlike EDC systems, SureSource™ allows you to record comments and explanations, as well as capture the data required by the protocol — all while moving freely from room to room, regardless of connectivity. SureSource™ provides this ease of use while eliminating the problems associated with both paper data capture and EDC.

Source data is validated at the point of capture and securely transmitted to the chosen backend data system. Point of capture validation and single data entry dramatically reduce the number of queries. Furthermore, since there is only one data set, monitors don't need to perform source data verification. Remote viewing of source documents further reduces monitoring costs.

Workflow Diagram