The ss Platform

The SureSource® platform is a unique solution that captures clinical trial source data and documents with 100% accuracy. Capturing data at the moment it happens from both sites and patients enhances protocol execution, improves patient compliance, and leverages the monitors’ expertise when it matters. SureSource is cloud-based and extended to sites through a customizable tablet-based interface, and to patients via Android or Apple mobile phones. SureSource encompasses four Clinical Ink products:


A Better Clinical Trial Experience

SureSource guides error-free protocol execution at the site, helps patients maximize compliance and adherence, and provides sponsors with better quality data, sooner. Unlike traditional electronic data capture (EDC), SureSource Capture collects data electronically during the patient visit to eliminate paper source—the root cause of clinical trial inefficiency. SureSource Engage helps patients be more adherent, with fewer dropouts, and collects data that provide visibility into the patient’s status and compliance between visits. Once captured, data and the related source documents are accessible through SureSource Insight, usually the same day as the patient visit. Insight enables true remote monitoring and review as well as enhancing risk-based monitoring strategies.


Collect and see your data as it happens.

Capture enables researchers to vastly improve data quality and availability, and in turn, informed trial management. Clean data capture, guided and cleaned in the moment it happens – at the point of care using SureSource tablets – offers greater compliance with a conclusive audit trail for safer, more accurate clinical trials. Initially capture all your data electronically to advance the standard clinical trial process, reduce data entry error rates to nearly zero, trim time and cost, and provide immediate visibility into the status of the patient and the trial as a whole.

Better Protocol Execution


Engage and inform patients via mobile devices.

Engage transforms the patients enrolled in your study into better clinical trial participants. Patients use a smartphone app on their own phone or a provisioned device to get personalized appointment reminders, study-specific education and monitor their own study progress. Engage also captures remote patient data by connecting with wearable medical devices and sensors, or from questionnaires. Engage provides the site a window of visibility into the patient between visits, and new tools for sponsors to improve data quality and retain patients.

Get Results You Can Measure


Data and documents: real-time, remote.

Insight is a web-based hub used to manage and view all your collected clinical trial data using flexible role-based data visibility and security. Clinical Data Managers’ functionality includes listings, reporting, and analytics. Monitors and site personnel have access to all source documents to gain true remote monitoring efficiencies, plus new patient status and safety insights. Data required for submission can easily be exported for interim analyses or regulatory submissions. Insight also includes 60 pre-built dashboards to assist sites, monitors, and data managers with surfacing priorities for attention or remediation.

Real-time Data & Documents


Optimize your studies from the start.

SureSource studies work differently. The benefits are built into your study using Launch to design, configure, test, and deploy SureSource. Protocol execution at sites is enhanced because the workflow matches how sites actually work and edit checks are programmed to guide data capture at the moment it happens. Protocol execution by patients is enhanced through education, timely reminders, and reporting tools that also maximize adherence and retention. In addition, Launch provides the tools to ensure scalability, reproducibility and ultimate confidence in your results.

Streamline & Optimize Your Trial