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Our Founders

Clinical Ink was founded in 2007 by the late Tommy Littlejohn, M.D. and Doug Pierce. Tommy and Doug passionately believed that their solution would revolutionize clinical research by eliminating paper source documents—the last hurdle to paperless clinical trials.

Long before the iPad, Tommy and Doug envisioned a tablet-based software application that would “look and feel” like paper source to the site user. However, while being as familiar as paper, this innovative solution would also capture, validate and share data electronically—providing cleaner data faster. Clinical Ink’s co-founders brought valuable perspectives and a unique mix of expertise to build an organization that could realize their vision. Tommy brought 20+ years of experience as a clinical investigator and Doug brought another 20+ years of experience running a medical forms publishing business.

From 2007-2010, Tommy’s experience as an active researcher (3,000+ studies) served as an anchor and filter through which all software decisions would pass. In this way, the impact on the site was always the pre-eminent factor. Doug’s experience with medical forms design was equally important in developing an intuitive user experience. Often, the application interface would be tested with actual site users. If the tablet wasn’t at least as fast and as easy to use as paper, the interface would be redesigned—always with the goal of reducing site workload.

Today, Tommy and Doug’s vision has become a reality as Clinical Ink continues to revolutionize clinical research. Clinical Ink remains committed to the founders’ goals of dramatically reducing the cost and complexity of clinical research for sites, sponsors and patients.

Leadership Team


Ed Seguine, Chief Executive Officer
Doug Pierce, President & Co-Founder
Kirk McPoyle, Chief Commercial Officer
Jonathan Andrus, Chief Operating Officer
Scott Miltenberger, Chief Financial Officer


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eClinical Forum

Society for Clinical Research Sites

Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium



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