Mobile App Builder

Quickly Build Mobile study Apps without Programming

Move away from deploying costly custom built patient mobile apps that take forever to deploy. With SureSource mobile application are built using our graphical study builder tool that eliminates manual coding and enables mobile apps to be deployed in as little as a few weeks.

SureSource Engage on a pair of phones

Fast, Effective, Affordable ePRO

With SureSource, mobile applications for clinical studies can be quickly and affordably deployed to capture patient reported outcomes. Our unique configuration based approach to building apps eliminates the need for programming and enable organizations to build and deploy their own applications through our Do-it-Yourself tech transfer offering.

Better Engagement with Patients

SureSource deployed mobile applications support a range of capabilities to keep patients engaged such as visit reminders, medication reminders, assessment or measurement inputs, goal tracking and more.

Patient Engagement App

Several devices capable of utilizing SureSource

Utilize Wearables and Devices

SureSource deployed mobile applications can be integrated with many different types of wearable monitors or meters to support many different requirements to capture patient study data.

Deploy to Android and Apple Devices – Supports BYOD

SureSource applications can be deployed to provisioned devices as well as a patient’s personal mobile device. With support for both Apple and Android driven devices, SureSource mobile applications are available for download in the stores.

Apple App Store and Google Play logos

SureSource Platform

Better Protocol Execution.

Tablet with Clinical Ink data capture app

SureSource Capture

Collect data and documents directly at the point of care to improve protocol execution, data transparency and research quality.


SureSource Insight on a monitor

SureSource Insight

Access your data and source documents remotely – minutes
after the patient visit – for real-time monitoring and more effective RBM.


Patient engagement with Engage app

SureSource Engage

Help patients be better clinical trial participants, and collect sensor and timely questionnaire data directly using mobile devices.