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At Clinical Ink, we build solutions to address the challenges of each unique role in the clinical research community including clinical operations, data management, monitoring, and outsourcing. Our solutions and expertise help you contribute to great advancements in your field.

Imagine a trial where data streams and work flows. Find your job role below to see how Clinical Ink can help make a better clinical trial experience a reality.

Clinical Operations

The workload on today’s clinical operations professionals has increased as added procedures, protocol complexities, and new technologies converge to bring more complexity to clinical trials. The Lunexis™ eSource platform and ongoing support specialists deliver real-time data for making critical decisions quickly and confidently, giving clinical sites the tools they need to improve operational efficiencies, connect to critical site activity, and make confident decisions — faster.

Your Challenges

  • Effectively managing workloads with a clinical site solution
  • Creating source documents and reducing data errors
  • Accessing clean data quickly for decision-making support
  • Improving operational efficiency and connecting with site activity
  • Handling the requirements documents cycle and complex study procedures

Our Answers

We deliver more than fast, clean data — we deliver confidence.

An Easy-to-Use Platform

Designed to blend the simplicity of paper with the innovation and ease of new technology, Lunexis™, a clear and connected eSource Ecosystem, quickly converts an electronic tablet’s handwritten numbers and selected dates to standardized data items in real time and automatically saves your work for worry-free clinical operations and easy decision-making.

Automation & Advanced Support

Along with standard edit checks, Lunexis can provide programmed workflows and automated field calculations at the point of care to prevent clerical errors. Gain clarity for clinicians and patients and improve protocol execution with the platform’s option to add instructions and videos in studies to supplement medication use and application information. Simplify complex study protocols and ensure correct and consistent data with eSource assessment scales that make it easy for clinicians and allow sponsors to effectively rate and monitor study results earlier.

Improved Site Satisfaction & Efficiency

Clinical Ink’s solutions give clinicians the ability to easily collect electronic study data while improving protocol execution, reducing errors, and eliminating the time and cost burdens that sites experience when transcribing paper source documents into EDC systems. Streamline site workflow and introduce new efficiencies by integrating Clinical Ink’s eSource platform with other systems, such as IWRS.

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With the escalating costs of clinical research and the increased industry focus on patient engagement, clinical research organizations are adapting to the field’s shifting requirements by leveraging powerful new technology. Lunexis’ complete integration of data from source to submission provides greater certainty and gives sponsors the opportunity to build and conduct patient-centric studies that bring in real results. You can be confident the protocol is executed correctly.

Your Challenges

  • Finding fast, cost-effective solutions that fit internal processes and existing systems
  • Engaging better with patients and supporting online, on-device studies
  • Satisfying DIY and BYOD build and deployment, new instrument, and tech transfer needs
  • Owning the speed, configurability, and delivery of products
  • Prototyping and scoping study designs in days, not weeks
  • Supporting unique monitoring strategies, centralization, and automation

Our Answers

We deliver more than fast, clean data — we deliver confidence.

A Partnership for Engagement & Improvement

Clinical Ink provides a true partnership for supporting your organization and allowing CROs to practice true process ownership. Our solutions let you offer a wide range of online and mobile capabilities that help serve the modern patient’s needs and maintain engagement, such as visit and medication reminders, assessment and measurement input, and goal tracking. Your organization will be better equipped to encourage long-term engagement with the help of Clinical Ink.

Fast & Effective Build & Deploy Options

Move away from costly custom-built mobile apps that take too long to deploy. With the Lunexis platform, we build mobile applications using a unique graphical study builder tool and a configuration-based approach. Our applications eliminate manual coding and enable us to deploy affordable mobile apps through a DIY tech transfer option in as little as a few weeks. Applications can be deployed to provisioned devices as well as a patient’s personal Apple or Android mobile device.

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Data Management

You are under constant pressure to continually deliver high-quality study data within shorter timelines. We help data managers achieve this and more with the help of programmed workflows, automation, centralized data management, on-demand information, and reports that allow the quick viewing, querying, and management of clean, validated data. Reach database lock in less than 24 hours from your study’s last patient visit with the Lunexis eSource Ecosystem.

Your Challenges

  • Accessing clinical study data in real time
  • Quickly viewing, querying, and managing data
  • Immediately accessing clean, validated data with fewer errors
  • Generating reports and extracts that fit your needs
  • Reducing the number of queries and response times
  • Fully understanding site activity

Our Answers

We deliver more than fast, clean data — we deliver confidence.

Real-Time Data Access & Greater Site Understanding

The Lunexis platform captures clean, high-quality data electronically at the time of the patient visit to give sponsors immediate access to study data and eliminate the delays and errors that typically occur with the traditional paper source and EDC process. Clinical Ink’s solutions can also provide programmed workflows and automated field calculations at the point of care to prevent clerical errors. With instructions and videos available in the platform to provide more clarity to clinicians and patients regarding the use or application of medication, data managers will see a greater reduction of errors and improved protocol execution.

Custom Workflows and Reports

The Clinical Ink eSource platform provides many different views and filters to review study data, manage queries, check site and patient statuses, and recover source documents. You can save views and configurations to match your preferred workflow. The platform also offers the ability to generate standard or custom reports on demand and create SDTM data extracts that you can specifically configure for your organization.

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Monitoring clinical trial data plays an instrumental role in keeping the quality, timeline, and budget for trials in check. The heavy burdens that come along with the job are significantly reduced with Clinical Ink solutions that allow for the centralized review of documents and real-time data, the elimination of travel, and the reduction of data errors and verification needs. Shift your focus away from time-intensive SDV activities and put more energy into high-value activities, such as patient recruitment and relationships with sites.

Your Challenges

  • Accessing data and monitoring in real time
  • Obtaining true, built-in, and centralized monitoring
  • Reducing study complexity and automating processes
  • Minimizing data errors and improving site satisfaction
  • Fully understanding site activity

Our Answers

We deliver more than fast, clean data — we deliver confidence.

High-Quality Data and Remote Review

Lunexis captures clean, high-quality data electronically at the time of the patient visit to eliminate the delays and errors that typically occur with the traditional paper source and EDC process. Because it captures both source and study data together electronically, extra burdens on monitoring professionals are effectively removed. With Clinical Ink, monitors can remotely access, review, and compare source and study data simultaneously wherever they are.

Study Complexity Management & Increased Site Satisfaction

Study protocols are becoming increasingly complex. Especially in studies like those for CNS and lupus, it is critical that special assessment scales be filled out correctly and reliably. With Clinical Ink, many different types of forms can be used within the platform to make it easier for clinicians to provide consistent patient assessments during a visit. Survey results consistently show that sites prefer using platforms like Clinical Ink’s compared to the traditional paper source and EDC, as it is simple, easy to use, and boosts site satisfaction.

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Outsourcing your clinical trial should not involve complex pricing models or offer little to no return on investment. With Lunexis, a clear and connected eSource Ecosystem including eCOA and ePRO modules, you’ll see a greater ROI and benefit from a true, results-driven partner. With the support of Clinical Ink’s solutions and attentive advisory and implementation services, you will save money and run better clinical trials.

Your Challenges

  • True ROI and analysis opportunities
  • Compliant direct data capture, eCOA, ePRO, and eConsent offering
  • Straightforward and transparent pricing model and reduced service costs
  • Out-of-pocket cash savings and financial efficiencies
  • Higher quality library and reproducibility
  • Less labor-intensive operations for study teams
  • Faster kickoff meetings and time to FPI

Our Answers

We deliver more than fast, clean data — we deliver confidence.

A Cost-Efficient Solution for All Your Clinical Needs

Clinical Ink’s straightforward pricing and contracting model allows your organization to clearly know and understand the costs of running your study using the Lunexis platform. In addition, understand how your organization can affect change on other aspects of clinical trial data management, clinical trial management (monitoring), and their related costs through the use of the Clinical Ink eSource platform.

Study Complexity Management and Increased Site Satisfaction

Clinical Ink structures our project teams to work with customers as a partner, not just a vendor. Our straightforward and transparent pricing, coupled with a project team that aims at meeting the needs of our customers and ensuring all assumptions/expectations are clearly understood and mapped out, helps ensure the success of our customers and their programs.

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