Get High-Quality Data Anywhere

Access High-Quality Data – in Real-Time

SureSource captures clean high quality data electronically at the time of the patient visit – eliminating the delays and errors that typically occur with the traditional paper source/EDC process. With SureSource sponsors can have immediate access to high-quality study data.

View Source and Study Data, Eliminate SDV

SureSource is unique because it captures both source and study data together electronically — eliminating the paper to EDC approach. With SureSource Monitors can remotely access, review, and compare source and study data simultaneously anywhere through an internet accessible computer.

View Source and Study Data Immediately

Handle Any Study No Matter How Complex

Manage Any Study Complexity

Study protocols are becoming increasingly more complex. In areas, such as CNS and Lupas, for example, it is critical that special assessment scales be filled out correctly and consistently. With SureSource, many different type of forms can be used within the SureSource platform to make it easier for clinicians to provide consistent patient assessments during a visit. Now sponsors have a more effective way to rate and monitor study results — earlier.

Sites Prefer SureSource

Yearly survey results consistently show sites prefer using SureSource compared to using the traditional paper source and EDC. SureSource is simple and easy-to-use and helps sites reduce errors and the eliminates the burden of paper transcription.

See Why People Prefer SureSource

SureSource Platform

Better Protocol Execution.

Tablet with Clinical Ink data capture app

SureSource Capture

Collect data and documents directly at the point of care to improve protocol execution, data transparency and research quality.


SureSource Insight on a monitor

SureSource Insight

Access your data and source documents remotely – minutes
after the patient visit – for real-time monitoring and more effective RBM.


Patient engagement with Engage app

SureSource Engage

Help patients be better clinical trial participants, and collect sensor and timely questionnaire data directly using mobile devices.