Randomization and Supply Management

Protocols and study design continue to grow more complex, but that doesn’t mean your study’s data capture technology has to. The Lunexis™ randomization and supply management module will simplify your trial. Whether you’re executing complex randomization schemes with advanced dosing schedules or managing the distribution of clinical supplies, our flexible, efficient, and integrated system keeps your research moving forward.

Key Benefits

The Lunexis eSource Ecosystem enables you to:


Manage complex protocols

A complex study protocol, complicated by mid-study changes and intricate randomization schemes, can impede progress. By allowing you to manage multiple cohorts, drop or add entire treatment arms, and make dosing changes mid-protocol, our simple, flexible, integrated system can support any study while improving patient engagement.


Adapt to trial-specific nuances and reduce risk

Dynamic visit schedules and dependencies, multiple treatment schedules, or advanced dosing schedules require support. Lunexis accommodates trial-specific nuances with configurable workflows, conditional logic, and built-in checks, ensuring the correct supplies are dispensed to the correct patients for both blinded and open-label studies. You’ll be confident of your study’s progress and reduce the time to database lock with easy-to-use site analytics and reporting.


Integrate with other systems

You need to know the status of your trial supplies anytime, anywhere. The complete Lunexis eSource Ecosystem provides validated data immediately and is interoperable with powerful IRT platforms as well as your study’s other data systems, such as site payment, CTMS, etc. This integration allows you to readily manage and reconcile your clinical supplies.


Reduce study team workload

You can enroll, consent, and randomize your patients automatically with a single, integrated platform. Lunexis decreases your study team’s burden, reduces operational study costs, and eliminates duplicate data entry by streamlining the number of systems necessary to consent, record, and validate patient data, as well as request drug dispensation, perform drug accountability, and randomize patients. Our DDC module helps you eliminate Source Document Verification (SDV) and focus on Source Data Review (SDR), saving time and money and reducing overall on-site monitoring.


Integration of eSource ecosystem technology with IRT systems

Support for alerts, notifications, conditional logic, and workflows

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