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If you’re thinking of getting on the path to purer data and more confident decisions with Clinical Ink, you want to be sure you’re making the right choice. You don’t just need a technology vendor — you need an expert guide that offers advice and applies relevant experience to tailor the best solutions to enhance your study.

Clinical Ink counts on strong project and data management teams as well as our industry experts to apply our service-first methodology for clinical trial success. Whether you need help with decentralized trial setup, patient engagement, BYOD, or risk-based monitoring (RBM), our proactive staff has the experience and ingenuity to discern your needs and execute our agile processes and technology to vastly improve your study experience.

Wonder how we perform vis-à-vis delivery times, solution functionality, data monitoring and reporting, helpdesk support, or specialized therapeutic areas like lupus or GI? Read the testimonials below to learn about actual client experiences.

“Just a quick note to say how grateful we at [Company] are for Clinical Ink’s responsiveness, flexibility, and subject matter expertise. These have been nothing less than impressive during this time of chaos and uncertainty, but they are the reasons why we initially and continually look to collaborate with Clinical Ink. Thank you for your leadership, and the example you and your organization set for all of us in the industry.”

VP, Innovation

  • 40 studies completed with Clinical Ink

“Nothing less than impressive during this time of chaos and uncertainty.”

“Our senior management is well aware of the tremendous effort put forth to prepare a recent COVID study in about three weeks and your therapeutic-area-specific offerings. Your eLAS suite has become his gold standard, and the rapid modifications made to the original version impressed him quite a bit. So far, we have not found another provider to his liking, so we continue to recommend Clinical Ink as a preferred partner. You guys just wake up every day and look to do the right thing. As you may have heard, it’s not that way with other providers. I prefer to direct business to good people who I trust. I’m sure you do the same. Clinical Ink now has a great reputation within our company.”


  • 21 studies completed with Clinical Ink

“The tremendous effort put forth to prepare a recent COVID study in ~3 weeks.”

“As always, thanks so much for working diligently to support us and I would also like to call out the PM assigned to this particular study as I had the pleasure of joining a call with him the other day and he comes across very well — knowledgeable and in control.”

Senior Director
Oncology, Pharma


eCOA, Phase: II and III

Therapeutic Area:


  • # Sites: 93
  • # Subjects: 512
  • # Countries: 14

“Knowledgeable and in control.”

“A compliment from the [pharma] team: They are very happy with our responsiveness. They realize that the closeout process has been very intensive and there’s been a lot of back and forth. They mentioned on a call yesterday that they are very appreciative that our team and Clinical Ink are paying attention and working very diligently to get everything resolved.”

Senior PM
Cognitive Assessment Company


eCOA, Phase: II and III

Therapeutic Area:

Genetic Disease

  • # Sites: 6
  • # Countries: 3

“Very happy with our responsiveness.”

“Thank you for escalating this to Clinical Ink. I called and spoke with X and was able to add the DrugDev shortcut link to both tablets. I just wanted to also let you know that any time I have called Clinical Ink they have been so helpful and professional.”

Clinical Research Nurse
Psychiatric Site


eSource DDC & eCOA, Phase: III

Therapeutic Area:


  • # Sites: 30
  • # Subjects: 130
  • # Countries: 3

“So helpful and professional.”

It is amazing how you have been able to assist remotely. Your careful analysis, step-by-step problem-solving and willingness to consider varied options are much appreciated.”

Neuropsychiatric Site


eCOA, Phase: IIb

Therapeutic Area:


  • # Sites: 54
  • # Countries: 3

“It is amazing how you have been able to assist remotely.”

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