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Why Clinical Ink?

Delivering the results you care about in the most effective way

Clinical Ink is transforming the clinical trial experience with an end-to-end eSource platform, purpose-built to deliver better clinical results in real time. Our solutions capture data in the moment that matters, at home or on site.

Real-time data, real-time insights and real-time decisions

Everyone knows that time is of the essence in clinical trials, yet Clinical Ink’s eSource platform is the first to radically accelerate time to value. From quick and configurable study builds to real-time data capture to database lock-in hours, we’re stripping away inefficient and expensive processes, enabling faster and more effective decision-making.

Connecting you to the future of clinical trial technology today

In an age of dramatic simplification and streamlined business models, clinical trials are the exception. Clinical Ink’s proven eSource platform was designed by visionaries who recognized the need for a better clinical trial experience. Now thousands of users in more than 60 countries are using our platform to compress trial time and optimize costs with faster study builds, same-day form fills and more, all while positioning their organizations at the forefront of clinical trials.

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