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Clinical Ink, a global clinical technology company, offers data certainty from source to submission. Our Lumenis™ eSource platform and configurable ePRO and eCOA modules — a suite of solutions for capturing and integrating electronic data from sites, clinicians, and patients at its source — naturally enhance your clinical trial workflow by reducing manual labor, providing anytime, anywhere data access, and saving resources as your trials progress. From simple to complex, we built Lumenis to meet the demands of your specific protocol with the functionality and services that are critical to your study. Accelerate the completion of key clinical development milestones and confidently manage your trial’s critical decisions with our flexible menu of collaborative services, remote monitoring support, and a complete, real-time view of your trial. We deliver more than fast, clean data — we deliver confidence.


Protocol Execution

Focus on the patient, not the statistician

The Moment Matters

Effects everything downstream

Better Experience

For sites, patients, CROs, sponsors

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Our Mission

To transform the clinical trial experience through innovative technologies.

Why Clinical Ink?

Protocol Execution

Clinical Ink is transforming the clinical trial experience with a clear and connected eSource Ecosystem, purpose-built to deliver better clinical results in real time. Not only can you assure that your sites and patients have an easier experience, but you can be certain that your patients are more compliant and engaged so your protocol is executed correctly.

The Moment Matters

Everyone knows that time is of the essence in clinical trials, yet Clinical Ink’s eSource platform is the first to capture data in the moment that matters; at home, or on-site. From quick and configurable study builds to real-time data capture to database lock in hours, we’re stripping away inefficient and expensive processes, enabling faster and more effective decision-making. Lumenis provides real-time data, real-time insights, and confident decisions, faster.

Better Experience

In an age of dramatic simplification and streamlined business models, clinical trials are the exception. Clinical Ink’s Lumenis eSource platform was designed by visionaries who recognized the need for a better clinical trial experience. Now thousands of users in more than 60 countries are using our platform to compress trial time and optimize costs with faster study builds, same-day form fills, and more, all while positioning their organizations at the forefront of clinical trials.

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