Improve Patient Enrollment

eConsent drives engagement by educating patients and caretakers about clinical trial information, as well as guiding them through the enrollment process.

Part of the Clinical ink eSource technology, eConsent helps raise patient comprehension, simplify workloads for sites and study teams, and improve data quality to support decision making and regulatory compliance.

eConsent Benefits


Deliver a dynamic and intuitive patient and user experience to support patient trial understanding and compliance and clinician trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

eConsent is the digital process of obtaining informed consent from participants in clinical research. It involves providing comprehensive, user-friendly information about the trial electronically, often through videos, images, or interactive content. Participants review the information and provide their consent by signing digitally. This process enhances understanding, accessibility, and traceability, aligning with regulatory compliance.

eConsent offers several benefits over paper-based methods:


  • Enhanced Understanding: Multimedia and interactive content can improve participant comprehension.
  • Accessibility: Participants can access and review information at their convenience.
  • Traceability: Digital signatures and timestamps offer secure and verifiable consent tracking.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Reduces the need for paper.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Meets legal requirements and facilitates easier auditing.

Yes, eConsent clinical trials adhere to stringent regulations, including FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and HIPAA. Our platform incorporates cutting-edge security measures, ensuring the protection of personal information and the integrity of the consent process.

Clinical ink eConsent fosters engagement by providing information in an easily digestible format, using multimedia tools. Participants can review materials at their own pace, ask questions, and feel more informed and empowered in their decision-making process. This patient-centered approach improves trust and overall satisfaction.

The Clinical ink eConsent solution is designed for seamless integration into existing clinical trial workflows. Our platform offers flexibility and customization to align with your specific study requirements. By working closely with your team, Clinical ink ensures a smooth transition to the digital consent process, providing training and support as needed.

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