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Trials Powered by Direct Data Capture

The quality and timeliness of data capture drives the success of clinical trials. 

Data – from any source, including data capture software – must be accessible, accurate, and traceable for effective insight-based decision making.

Direct Data Capture (DDC) technology is core to the Clinical ink eSource technology. 

DDC eliminates paper source documents and transcriptions by recording data in real-time, in an electronic format using specialized data capture software—powering faster, higher quality clinical trial data.

Direct data capture solution

DDC Versus EDC in Clinical Trials

Electronic Data Capture (EDC) trials make up the vast majority of trials. Hospital, proxy, and patient data collection across sources initially recorded in an electronic medical record (EMR) or in a paper research chart that includes protocol-specific information, are then manually transcribed into the EDC tool.

Traditional data capture is time-consuming, error-prone, and often requires Source Data Verification (SDV) that leads to trial delays and disruptions.

Clinical ink designed DDC technology that captures source data at the moment of inception. It eliminates the need for transcriptions and subsequent SDV.

DDC also collects and integrates audio, video, and images to be embedded with the data, delivering immediate, clean, digitized data for effective oversight.


DDC Technology Advantages

Part of Clinical ink’s eSource ecosystem, DDC technology enables ingestion of all incoming electronic data into a unified data platform to support analytics within and across studies.

Workflows simulating the clinician’s assessment process

Intuitive interface with data entry screens mirroring familiar documents

Capture of ad hoc notes, audio, image and video recordings

Automation gathering electronic audit trail

Algorithms preventing omission of fields or entry of incongruent, illogical, or inconsistent data

Functionality to ensure offline data capture when connectivity is unavailable

Prompts guiding through the protocol execution and completion of specific assessments

Configurable for local regulations on data protection to ensure regulatory compliance

Benefits of DDC Across All Stakeholders


As pioneers in DDC technology, see how Clinical ink can eliminate EDC transcriptions and edit checks by capturing source data at the moment of inception.

Frequently Asked Questions

Direct Data Capture (DDC) allows clinical researchers to record patient data directly at the point of care. Unlike traditional methods, the Clinical ink DDC solution bypasses paper forms, allowing immediate entry into electronic systems. This real-time capture ensures accuracy, efficiency, and compliance, significantly enhancing the quality of data collected in clinical trials.
Clinical ink DDC captures data directly at the point of care, eliminating transcription errors and allowing immediate validation. EDC (Electronic Data Capture), on the other hand, requires data to often be input manually from various sources, which can lead to transcription errors and delays. Clinical ink DDC’s real-time and error-free data collection, along with its seamless integration with EDC platforms, often makes it the preferred choice for accurate and efficient data handling in clinical trials.

The primary benefits of using DDC in clinical research include:


  • Real-time access to accurate data, facilitating timely decision-making
  • Reduction in data errors through automated validation checks
  • Enhanced patient engagement with user-friendly interfaces
  • Compliance with regulatory standards
  • Cost and time savings by eliminating manual paper processes
The Clinical ink DDC solution significantly improves the efficiency of the data collection process in clinical trials. By allowing for real-time, point-of-care data entry, our DDC solution reduces the time and resources required for data collection and transcription. Furthermore, immediate validation ensures that data errors are corrected on the spot, leading to cleaner data and reducing the need for time-consuming data cleaning.
Clinical ink DDC is a versatile technology that can collect a wide range of data in clinical trials, including patient-reported outcomes, clinical assessments, laboratory results, imaging data, and eSource data. This breadth of data collection enhances the depth and quality of the clinical trial data, facilitating more accurate analyses and conclusions.
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As pioneers in DDC technology, see how Clinical ink can eliminate EDC transcriptions and edit checks by capturing source data at the moment of inception.

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