How CROs Respond to Opportunities

A Contract Research Organization (CRO) is expected to provide the most up-to-date management services for research that sponsors – pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies – cannot or do not want to do in-house.

In order to deliver data quality, transparency, and accelerated timelines, CROs need to adopt and implement robust eSource technologies and tools to better manage patient recruitment and adherence, study site relationships, data privacy, and increasing regulatory requirements.

Clinical ink for CROs

CROs face an increasing number of challenges that may impact their ability to successfully conduct clinical trials.

To retain a competitive edge, produce cleaner data, optimize clinical operations, improve cross-functional collaboration, and build confidence with sponsors, CROs need to invest in:

  • Strategies to attract and retain patients
  • Real-time data access for patient safety
  • Workflows to maintain studies on time and within budget
  • Robust systems to ensure data integrity
  • Resources to meet regulatory requirements and avoid costly delays

See how ePRO tools enable a global CRO to expand its service offerings.

Outpacing the Competition

By leveraging Clinical ink eSource technology, tools, and deep expertise in patient-centric research and complex therapeutic areas, CROs gain a significant advantage in setting themselves apart and outpacing the market.

Secure more trials and build deeper relationships with Sponsors.

  • Accelerate study build and conduct
  • Deliver solutions for real-time data collection
  • Help sites perform with a smarter electronic questionnaire
  • Improve experience for sites, patients, monitors, and sponsors
  • Ensure patient engagement and adherence
  • Optimize remote, home-based data collection
  • Provide telehealth for remote visits
  • Synchronize devices and wearables with smartphones
  • Ensure data integrity and compliance

Attract, win, and deliver more successful trials, while adapting to the future of eSource technology.

Patient engagement solutions in mobile by Clinical ink

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Case Study: Advanced ePRO Tools Enable a Global CRO to Expand its Service Offerings

How Clinical ink’s Technology Enablement Model allowed a CRO to transition to full ePRO deployment ownership in three stages

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