Augment Parkinson’s Clinical Development by Powering Patient Science

Augment Parkinson’s Clinical Development by Powering Patient Science

Clinical ink is advancing a new age of clinical discovery in Parkinson’s research, deploying our data collection technology to sensitively and remotely assess, engage, and gather continuous data directly from patients for Parkinson’s clinical trials. These novel, rich data sources, coupled with our internal expertise in established assessments, are leading to groundbreaking digital biomarker advancement.

Assess Parkinson’s Using Clinical ink Data Collection Technology, the iPhone, and the Apple Watch

The Clinical ink team enabled WATCH-PD, a collaborative research study with partners in academia and the pharmaceutical industry to validate remote, mobile assessments for use in capturing digital endpoints in PD. The goal was to demonstrate the suitability of our remote mobile and sensor Parkinson’s data collection technology for screening patients and evaluating treatment efficacy.

Collecting rich mobile and sensor data, our machine learning-enabled analysis model distinguished healthy volunteers from patients with early-stage PD, providing preliminary support for the use of Clinical ink technology solutions in generating digital biomarkers associated with PD status. Ultimately, such evidence should lead to regulatory acceptance and widespread adoption of the assessments in Parkinson’s clinical trials and clinical development.

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