The Latest Resources for Clinical Developments and Insights

The Latest Resources for Clinical Developments and Insights

We’re ushering in a new generation of clinical discovery with resources to match. Catch up with the thought leaders at Clinical ink, learn more about our technology solutions, and stay up-to-date with the latest industry news. Access our library of resources, including blogs, events, whitepapers, and more.

Latest from the Newsroom

As Sponsors incorporate eSource technologies and decentralized data collection into their trials, barriers to patient participation and adherence are beginning to fall away.

When electronic data capture (EDC) systems came onto the clinical trial scene, no one expected them to...

Clinical ink’s Chief Innovation Officer, Joan Severson, discusses how the fusion of sensor systems assists in clinical research. Find out about this approach.

Clinical ink, a global life science technology company, has partnered with a leading biopharmaceutical organization focused on Parkinson’s Disease research to deploy remote technology that captures study participants’ symptoms at home and clinical sites in the United States and Europe.

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