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Real-Time Access to High-Quality Study Data

SureSource captures source and eCRF study data together to dramatically reduce the errors and time delays associated with the traditional EDC and paper source process. SureSource is used during the patient visit which prevent data errors and ensures sites are always using the latest protocol — providing real-time access to high-quality study data.


True Centralized Monitoring, Eliminate SDV

SureSource eliminates the need for Source Data Verification (SDV) and gives monitors more time to focus on managing the overall trial. With SureSource you have true Central Monitoring capabilities allowing monitors to work earlier with sites, remotely — helping improve protocol execution and reducing the need to travel to the sites.


View Study Data Remotely
Graph showing Improved Site Satisfaction and Efficiencies

Improve Site Satisfaction and Efficiencies

SureSource gives clinicians the ability to easily and effectively capture study data electronically during a patient visit. Designed to emulate the simplicity of paper, using electronic tablets, SureSource eliminate the time and cost burden of later transcribing paper source documents to EDC. Independent survey data consistently shows that more than 90% of sites prefer SureSource over paper documents because it improves site efficiencies – helping improve protocol execution and reducing errors.


Better Patient Engagement, DIY ePRO

SureSource gives sponsors an affordable and effective way to collect study data and engage with patients on a mobile device. Designed specifically to rapidly configure and deploy study applications for patients, in as little as a few weeks, SureSource eliminates the need to procure costly ePRO custom build applications. Downloadable through the Apple and Google Play Store, SureSource can be deployed using a BYOD or provisioned approach. With SureSource, sponsors can quickly and affordably deploy mobile study applications themselves, as part of our do-it-yourself offering, for better patient engagement and improved protocol execution.


The SureSource Engage App can provide real time updates and information to patients
One Platform for All Studies

One Platform for All Studies

SureSource can manage the simplest to the most complex trials in any clinical phase — consolidating EDC, eCOA, ePRO, and paper source into one ease to use solution. Complex study arms, scales, and other systems such as Central Data Repositories, and IWRS can be incorporated and integrated with the SureSource platform.

SureSource Platform

Better Protocol Execution.

Tablet with Clinical Ink data capture app

SureSource Capture

Collect data and documents directly at the point of care to improve protocol execution, data transparency and research quality.


SureSource Insight on a monitor

SureSource Insight

Access your data and source documents remotely – minutes
after the patient visit – for real-time monitoring and more effective RBM.


Patient engagement with Engage app

SureSource Engage

Help patients be better clinical trial participants, and collect sensor and timely questionnaire data directly using mobile devices.


Unparalleled eSource Experience and Expertise.


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