A Smarter eCOA

Traditional electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) platforms and applications often underperform. 

Too complex and time-consuming, data is inaccurately captured, sites are encumbered with inefficient workflows, and dissatisfied patients drop out of studies before eCOAs get completed.

Core to its eSource technology, Clinical ink has invested years in traditional research, patient-centric research, and user experience expertise to build a smarter, faster, higher quality eCOA solution that optimizes patient engagement and data management for sites, sponsors, and CROs.

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Get your study-specific cost comparison between paper COA and eCOA within 48 hours. See how much you can save today.

Advantages of Clinical ink eCOA


Gain a full range of validated eCOA and ePRO questionnaires across a wide range of therapeutic areas for all phases of clinical trials.

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