Recentering Decentralized Clinical Trials

Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs) continue to bolster remote patient trial participation.

DCTs lower enrollment time, improve patient adherence, leverage remote technology, and decrease costs while increasing compliance rates.

Integrating Direct Data Capture (DDC) technology, eCOA, ePRO, and eConsent into workflows, Clinical ink eSource improves the capture, visibility, and management of data across devices, sensors, telemedicine, and digital health technologies.

To ensure data quality and integrity, sponsors and CROs are adopting eSource as the best path to capture, manage, standardize, and recenter increasing amounts of data across many different sources.

Centralize Operations and Data

Standard data capture practices, such as Electronic Data Capture (EDC), still rely on paper-based source documents to be transcribed by site staff into the digital record, to then be double-checked by monitors (Source Data Verification). These, tethered-together systems no longer meet the needs for data capture in remote, virtual, and hybrid trials.

Leading the way to recenter decentralized clinical trials, Clinical ink is the only company to deliver eSource technology into a single clinical data platform supporting end-to-end clinical development and data capture.

Direct Data Capture (DDC) technology is the alternative to manage complex workflows and remote or hybrid trials. It captures data directly into the electronic record at the moment of creation, and integrates all data sources into a single output.

It simplifies tracking, evaluation, and reporting for sponsor and CRO teams to centralize access, visibility, and management of their decentralized trials.

Mobile tech for digital biomarkers at Clinical ink

Why eSource for Decentralized Clinical Trials

Improve Patient Experience

Deploy an intuitive interface that allows unobtrusive data collection and fosters easier trial participation.

Recenter Data Analytics

Immediately capture and validate data, documents, audio, video, and handwritten notes, all centralized and accessible in a single location.

Simplify Workflows

Save over 30 percent of time spent by forgoing paper sources and transcribing into EDC. Enter data once and validate in real-time.

Reduce Errors

Eliminate duplicate data entry and issue immediate prompts if data entry is incorrect or incomplete.

Accelerate Decision-Making

Make data interoperable and accessible for remote monitoring and issue resolution in real-time.

Improve Protocol Execution

Reduce deviations and queries. Gain validated data with audit trails for faster database lock.

eSource Benefits for DCTs


Deploy integrated eSource solutions that collects data as it happens, from any source, for immediate insight-based decision making and monitoring.

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eSource: Your Path to Clinical Research Optimization
Deploy integrated eSource solutions that collects data as it happens, from any source, for immediate insight-based decision making and monitoring.

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