Central Nervous System (CNS) Studies

Research studies for central nervous system (CNS) conditions like autism, ADHD, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, and depression can vary widely. With neurological, psychological, and general health considerations, the requirements for conducting CNS studies can cover a wide range of data needs and present unique challenges for your patients, your research sites, your study teams, and other stakeholders.

At Clinical Ink, we address these challenges with our core technology, Lunexis™, a suite of technologies that capture and integrate electronic data from sites, clinicians, and patients at its source. For CNS studies, we configured our platform to deploy CNS-related assessments, questionnaires, and scales, to collect other protocol-mandated clinical data, and to provide a central location for the collection of all data. The platform complements your site workflow by guiding investigators through the completion of the questionnaires, eliminating duplicative data entry with direct data capture, and automatically calculating scores and grades based on the data entered.

The system makes it easy to:

  • Display data from previous visits automatically, providing the research site staff and sponsor/CRO surveillance teams with the context required to evaluate the patient’s current status
  • Access information — like medical history, concomitant medications, notes, etc. — remotely and in real time, making remote monitoring activities possible with little to no source document verification (SDV) required
  • Record audio and embed it in assessments, requiring administration teams to listen to the assessment along with the collected data
  • Complete review forms and send reviews back to the sites to help them improve their administration techniques
  • Reduce queries, expediting those that remain with a higher close rate because of the abundance of supporting documentation

Our team has experience working with a variety of CNS questionnaires including:

  • AIMS
  • BARS
  • CDR
  • C-SSRS
  • HAM
  • Hoehn and Yahr
  • K-SADS
  • MMSE
  • SAS

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