Clinical ink Acquires Digital Artefacts Powering the Convergence of Digital Endpoints and Outcome Assessments

HORSHAM, Pa.; Nov. 8, 2021 – Clinical ink — a global clinical trial data and technology company and leader in eSource and decentralized clinical trial conduct — today announced its acquisition of Digital Artefacts, a digital endpoint-based technology company with an unrivaled modular platform for complex cognitive, behavioral, and physiological data capture.

“The addition of Digital Artefacts now allows us to drive situational awareness because context matters. Data derived from Digital Artefacts can now increase the richness of our partners’ study data through the convergence of passive and active digital assessments. Their wearables and sensors acumen provides instrumented data collection that complements our existing products and solutions,” said Clinical ink CEO Ed Seguine. “It continues our commitment to capture data at the source and deliver quantitative insights, empowering our customers to make real-time highly informed decisions.”

The combination of Clinical ink and Digital Artefacts will provide benefits including:

  • Scientifically validated neurocognitive assessment and research tools (50+ modular, self-administered assessments)
  • Combination of standardized eCOA scales/assessments with novel digital endpoints to produce quantitative patient outcomes
  • Trial specific remote active and passive behavioral assessment, including wearable and sensor data
  • Precision Real-World Data and insights across complex therapeutic areas for which cognition is an endpoint
  • Expertise in creating clinically relevant novel digital endpoint data collection methodologies including voice, movement, behavior, mood, and other real-world measurements
  • Scaled delivery capabilities in logistics, helpdesk, project management, and device acquisition/support for DCTs

These capabilities reinforce Clinical ink’s reputation as a trusted, global partner in digital source data capture (DDC) and eCOA, furthering the company’s therapeutic-area-specific approach to study design and data certainty from source to submission.

“Our digital endpoint solutions, combined with strong data science, provide expertise that has been foundational with industry recognized partners and top pharma,” noted Joan Severson, co-founder, president, and general manager of Digital Artefacts. “We are very excited to join Clinical ink and enhance the seamless data collection, cognitive and behavioral assessments, and quantitative outcomes for even the most complex studies.”

With this acquisition, Clinical ink continues to be the leading partner for decentralized clinical trials with a complete, configurable digital data platform — the only partner equipped to build studies for specific trial needs.

About Clinical ink

Clinical ink, a global clinical technology company, offers data certainty from source to submission. Our Lunexis™ eSource clinical technology and configurable direct data capture, eCOA, patient engagement, telehealth, eConsent, and instrumented data collection modules provide a suite of solutions for capturing and integrating electronic data from sites, clinicians, caregivers, and patients at its source. Clinical ink’s therapeutic-area-specific approach to study design and data capture — with specific expertise in neurocognitive testing — enables more precise scales for cognitive and human factors assessments, including performance, behavior, movement, and all real-world activity.

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