Clinical Ink Donates Mobile Devices to Aid in Mental Tele-Health

Horsham, Pa.; April 14, 2020 – Clinical Ink, a global clinical trial technology company, has made a commitment to donate several hundred mobile phones and tablets to Thrive Behavioral Health for individual and family mental tele-health services, which are largely replacing 
in-person sessions during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Thrive, a behavioral health organization with multiple facilities serving families in the Baltimore-Washington area, served over 19,000 people in 2019. As the pandemic has spread and public safety restrictions imposed, the ability to reach patients in their homes via tele-medicine and virtual outreach has become a critical lifeline for many of these patients. COVID-19 has disrupted virtually all aspects of daily life, and mental health patients’ well-being can be particularly susceptible to changes in normal routines. Many mental health patients are on fixed incomes, economically disadvantaged, and face challenges ranging from lack of transportation to medication compliance. 

“Our patients are experiencing tremendous distress at a time when the traditional counseling and therapy options are not possible,” said Brianne Hahn, Thrive Behavioral Health owner and program director. “The potential to stay connected with our patients, virtually, through mobile technology, provides a safety net for these patients at a critical time. But for many, simply having access to the technology many of us take for granted is a significant hurdle. We appreciate the commitment Clinical Ink has made to help us provide these devices to our extremely grateful patients.”

“We have a moral obligation to seek out opportunities to go the extra mile,” said Clinical Ink CEO Ed Seguine. “Although Clinical Ink’s core business is supporting clinical trials, ultimately, it’s the care of patients in need that motivates our daily efforts. Particularly in these times of great turmoil and uncertainty, the demand for mental health services has increased dramatically and we’re trying to help in every way we can. Hopefully our small efforts will be multiplied by the efforts of others in our industry, as well.” 

Jonathan Andrus, chief business officer at Clinical Ink, said, “We can’t control whether we face detours in life, but we can control how we face them. We are so pleased to be able to donate these devices to help therapists at Thrive stay connected with clients and provide the care and counseling that are absolutely critical in times like these.”

The resources to fulfill Thrive Behavioral Health’s need for mobile devices and tablets stem from Clinical Ink’s separate, pioneering work facilitating virtual clinical trials and eSource data collection. Tens of thousands of patients have used Clinical Ink’s Lunexis eSource technology to capture patient data on tablets, mobile phones, and even patients’ own devices. Although Clinical Ink has aggressively implemented “bring your own device” approaches to patient data collection and engagement, we have thousands of provisioned mobile devices in inventory to support decentralized/virtual trial designs. 

About Clinical Ink

Clinical Ink, a global clinical technology company, offers data certainty from source to submission. Our Lunexis™ eSource clinical technology and configurable direct data capture, eCOA, ePRO, and eConsent modules — a suite of solutions for capturing and integrating electronic data from sites, clinicians, and patients at its source — naturally enhance your clinical trial workflow by reducing manual labor, providing anytime, anywhere data access, and saving resources as your trials progress.

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