Clinical ink Reveals Value of Passive Data Collection in Clinical Research

Chief Innovation Officer Leads Collaborative Discussions at eClinical Forum 2022 Workshop

Horsham, PA, June 7th, 2022Joan Severson, Chief Innovation Officer at Clinical ink, will be leading the talk “The Value of Passive Data Collection: Tying Active Assessments to Passive Measurements in Clinical Research” at the eClinical Forum 2022 Hybrid Workshop in New Jersey on Wednesday, June 8th from 3:50-4:50 pm. She will also facilitate a round-table discussion alongside Kumar Patel of Johnson & Johnson and Akiko Shimamura of Acorn AI on the topic of “Accelerating Clinical Research,” which will cover the value of data coming from EHRs, direct data exchange, real world evidence, and digital health technology.  

Severson, a human-computer interaction expert with over 20 years of experience collaborating with leading pharmaceutical, government, and research institutions, will speak to how her advanced technology and analytics team at Clinical ink unlocks the value of passive and active data collection in clinical research by tying the rich, voluminous patient data compiled by mobile sensors and wearables to clinically-aligned mobile measurements. 

“We now have access to consumer-facing hardware and sensors capable of extremely sophisticated measurement, including of a patient’s life space, mobility, activity levels, speech, and cognition,” says Severson. “Harnessing interdisciplinary collaboration, the right team of technological, clinical, and scientific experts can tap these data to transform how clinical research is conducted and how therapies are proven.” 

About Clinical Ink

Clinical ink is the global life science company that brings data, technology, and patient science together. Our deep therapeutic-area expertise, coupled with Direct Data Capture, eCOA, eConsent, telehealth, neurocognitive testing, and digital biomarkers advancements, drive the industry standard for data precision and usher in a new generation of clinical trials. By harnessing digital data, we power sponsors, CROs, researchers, and patients to recenter decentralized trials and rewrite the clinical development experience

About eClinical Forum 

The eClinical Forum was started in 2000 – a global group run by its members for its members. Independence, openness and public dissemination have been hallmarks of our success. Members from the pharmaceutical, healthcare, regulatory, academic and support sectors participate in open discussion, networking and exchange that provides the practical information, approach and learning experiences required to drive innovation and to maximise the success of eClinical initiatives. 

The group operates in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Membership includes over 50 companies. 

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