Cogstate and Clinical Ink Deliver Enhanced Tablet-Based eCOA for CNS Clinical Trials

NEW HAVEN, CT & PHILADELPHIA, PA – October 25, 2016 –  Cognitive science company, Cogstate Ltd (ASX.CGS) and Clinical Ink, the leading provider of eSource and patient engagement technologies, today announced they have formalized their long-standing relationship with a strategic alliance that delivers enhanced tablet-based neuropsychological assessments for CNS clinical trials. The alliance combines, in a single solution, the scientific and adult learning expertise provided by Cogstate with the market-leading eSource data capture platform from Clinical Ink.

“Our goal is to transform the entire rater experience with process-enabling technologies that lead to better assessments, so a partnership with the eSource pioneers at Clinical Ink was the clear choice for advancing that objective”, commented Cogstate CEO, Brad O’Connor. “This is one solution from two market leaders, so it is very much aligned to the ‘best-of-breed’ approach that many sponsors are taking for their outsourcing strategies; particularly in the area of CNS where signal detection is so challenging and endpoint quality assurance is so critical.”

“The benefits of eSource for CNS research are dramatic,” stated Ed Seguine, CEO, Clinical Ink. “Combining Cogstate’s therapeutic expertise with our SureSource® platform, which directly captures data in the moment during the patient visit, promises to improve protocol execution. Researchers can focus more attention on the patient and the ratings when workflow and scoring are automated. This is an incredible time for CNS research and Clinical Ink is delighted to partner with a therapeutic leader like Cogstate on this advancement.”

This joint solution delivers important advantages to sponsors seeking to transcend traditional paper-and-pencil assessment scales in their clinical trials, including:

  • Custom edit checks, programmed workflows, and automated scoring at the point-of-care that prevent clerical errors and miscalculations
  • Same day access to quality source data and documents for central monitoring by Cogstate’s network of local expert advisors (LEADs), with custom flagging algorithms designed by clinical scientists for rapid identification of rater variance
  • Rater training that reaches beyond the investigator meeting and eLearning platforms by elegantly incorporating rater guidance directly into the rating scale instrument used during the patient visit for more accurate, standardized administration

A growing library of enhanced electronic scales ready for study-specific licensing and protocol customization
Key Learnings from a recent multi-site study will be presented in a live educational webinar, taking place November 9th at 11:00 a.m. EST.

About Cogstate

Cogstate Ltd (ASX:CGS) is a leading cognitive science company dedicated to simplifying the measurement of cognition in clinical trials, academic research and healthcare. Cogstate provides expert support for traditional neuropsychological and functional assessments to drive higher quality measures, and commercializes rapid, reliable and highly sensitive computerized cognitive tests. Cogstate customers include the world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies; military and elite sporting organizations; physicians and patients; renowned academic institutions and public-private partnerships.

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About Clinical Ink

Clinical Ink is a global clinical trial technology company that is transforming the clinical trial experience. Founded in 2007, the Company’s proven and future-built eSource platform, which includes solutions for EDC replacement, eCOA, ePRO and more, accelerates time to value while delivering scientific results that matter. With offices in Winston-Salem, NC, and Philadelphia, PA, Clinical Ink is advancing the business model responsible for bringing new treatments to market.

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