Digital Assessments and Endpoints Catalogue

Your complete guide to quantifying cognition, mobility, and speech both in the clinic and remotely on a GCP-compliant platform that supports multiple languages.

The cover of the Big Brain Book by Clinical ink covers the Table of Contents page.
Download our Big Brain Book.

Download the Big Brain Book which is comprised of over 50 cognitive, mobility, and speech assessments with 300+ total variants.

  • Cognitive assessments cover functional domains including speed of processing, attention, executive function, working and long-term memory, visual and verbal memory, spatial processing, visuo-motor coordination, and fatigue.
  • Mobility assessments include walking, balance, and postural instability (tremor) assessments.
  • Speech assessments include sustained phonation, articulation, and reading.

Our clinical data platform for digital assessments, BrainBaseline™, is GCP-compliant and satisfies data security, transfer, and privacy laws necessary for successful deployment in clinical studies and trials, both domestically and internationally.

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