eConsent Refined by Tens of Thousands of User Interactions

Part of the complete Lunexis™ eSource Ecosystem from Clinical Ink, our eConsent solution is the product of experience over eight years of being the eSource and BYOD pioneers. Our SMEs have poured their own expertise and piles of feedback from sites, sponsors, and CROs into an all-in-one solution that simplifies study startup, improves patient experience, and standardizes processes across all your sites. Lunexis eConsent does more than digitize patient enrollment. It raises patient comprehension and retention, eases workloads for study teams and sites, and improves data quality to support clear and confident decision-making.


Optimize the Patient Experience

Put your patients first and lower the barrier to enrollment with our eConsent technology. Ease their burden and improve study enrollment and retention with easy-to-follow, patient-friendly forms that support tiered information delivery, knowledge checks, graphical and video content, and translation to native languages.

eConsent: Study Sites Report eConsent Impact on Patient Engagement1

  • 69% said: eConsent is a helpful tool for improving patient engagement during the consenting process.
  • 38% said: eConsent improved patients’ desire to enroll or stay in the trial.

Improve Your Consent Process

Get on the path to IRB review and regulatory approval with our fully automated system. Our eConsent technology helps you maintain complete control over your eConsent process with a clear understanding of subject status including reasons for refusal. Improve your data quality, reduce errors, and be certain your eConsent process is compliant with real-time triggers, notifications, progress metrics, and reporting.

Reduce Site Workload

Managing the end-to-end eConsent process has never been easier or more effective. Sites can easily see where patients have questions — even how long they spent reviewing each page. They can then focus their conversation on the areas that matter most to ensure understanding. The “reconsent” process is seamlessly integrated with the ongoing study data collection documents so that sites can ensure patients are always kept up to date on protocol changes.

Save Time and Money

Reduce costs and strain on your study teams and sites and condense your startup time from months to weeks with our scalable system. From complex global trials to siteless studies, you’ll be able to centrally monitor your patient eConsent status and scale your system to meet any need. Our drag-and-drop authoring tools and rapid prototyping let you build an eConsent library for reimplementation across studies.


Integrated with existing eSource Ecosystem technology — eliminating separate systems and reconciliation

Real-time subject status snapshot

Integrated graphics, video, and knowledge checks throughout the eConsent process

Dynamic visit creation and conditional logic to enable better workflow

Ability to mark pages with questions

Per-page and cumulative-time-spent tracking

Confirmed clinician review of questions

Required signatures (CFR Part 11 compliant for clinicians)

Electronic informed consent form (eICF) signing triggers

1Is eConsent adoption poised to grow? CenterWatch Online. Sept. 1, 2017.

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