Reduced Patient Burden and Improved Patient Retention Using A Remote, At-Home ePRO Technology

Learn how a global pharmaceutical company was able to improve patient enrollment and retention when pivoting from on-site to at-home data collection.

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Download our case study to learn more.

Historical solutions for patient visit electronic questionnaire completion require a lot of site intervention to enable patients to get started. So, what happens when electronic questionnaires need to be  transitioned to a patient’s home? 

In this case study, a global pharma company needed to shift a four study Neurology global program (two Phase II studies and two Phase III studies) from electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) assessments designed to be completed on-site, to at-home remote data collection. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, patients apprehensive about visiting a research site were being lost or slow to enroll. 

Clinical ink offered to help the Sponsor transition from onsite assessments to at-home data collection by deploying ePRO technology that captures study participants’ reported outcomes remotely. 

To learn more, download our Case study: How a Remote ePRO Solution Helped Reduce Patient Burden.

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