Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), Their Challenges, and Our Solutions

Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), Their Challenges, and Our Solutions

Contract research organizations (CROs) play a vital role in clinical trials. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, CROs helped sponsors test COVID vaccines and also kept essential trials running in cardiology, oncology, and rare diseases.

Competition in the market is fierce, and gaining a competitive edge can be challenging in such a crowded marketplace. Technology can be a differentiator to empower CRO staff and processes.

Contract research organizations perform many of the same duties as sponsors. But they also have unique challenges. Their primary needs are to produce cleaner data, optimize clinical operations, improve cross-functional collaboration, and build confidence with sponsors – all while saving time.

Clinical trial software can help fill the gaps between CROs and sponsors by allowing them to share protocols, documents, and data instantly. This immediate communication makes working together on protocols and study functions easier, leading to more efficient trials.

How Clinical ink Addresses These Needs

We help CROs win more business by leveraging our data, technology and scientific expertise.

  • Keep trials moving
  • Help sites perform better with a familiar, document-based solution
  • Improve the trial experience for sites, patients, monitors, and sponsors
  • Interact with patients easily, keeping them adherent and engaged
  • Use telehealth for remote visits
  • Optimize home-based data collection, even with no internet connection
  • Synchronize devices and wearables with smartphones
  • Ensure compliance via video eConsent
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