Clinical Trial Sponsors, Their Challenges, and Our Solutions

Clinical Trial Sponsors, Their Challenges, and Our Solutions

Achieving clinical trial success with the requisite patient outcomes is more challenging than ever before with complex study designs, exponential data volumes from disparate sources, competition for sites, and patient recruitment. 

The Challenges Facing Sponsors

There are numerous challenges facing clinical trial sponsors:

  • Difficult to initiate, run, and close trials on time
  • Requires selection of optimal sites but competition for sites and site resources is particularly fierce
  • Need to implement site-friendly just-in-time training
  • Site support is necessary to reduce the pressure on sites and relieve bottlenecks
  • Experience a higher average number of substantial amendments and more protocol deviations
  • Trials typically involve more countries and sites yet recruit fewer participants
  • Protocol optimization and specialized statistical support are necessary for successful trials

Technology can be a differentiator for patient outcomes by empowering people and processes through innovative technology, which in turn improves the operation of clinical trials for sponsors.

How We Help Clinical Trial Sponsors

  • Capture What’s Needed, Anywhere
    Collect all data, regardless of whether its novel, simple, or complex
  • Execute Rapidly and Flexibly
    Expedite builds and confidently configure diverse models
  • Recenter Decentralized Trials
    Centralize operations and data to power patient science
  • Eliminate Gaps in Collaboration
    Clinical trial software allows you to share protocols, documents, and data instantly
  • Increase Efficiency of Trials
  • Instant communication makes working together on protocols and study functions easier
  • Improve Site and Patient Readiness
  • Enhance Data Quantity and Quality
    Direct data capture boosts the amount and quality of your trial data
  • Manage Global Logistics
  • Improve Recruitment and Retaining of Patients
    Simplify recruitment and data gathering from patients with all-in-one clinical trial software
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