Gastrointestinal (GI) Studies

For years, GI trials have been increasing in both number and complexity. Studies rely on data capture solutions to ensure data quality and integrity. However, increasingly sophisticated trial designs demand correspondingly sophisticated data capture technology. Without it, patients are overwhelmed, sites are overburdened, and sponsors struggle to obtain high-quality data.

Our Lunexis™ eSource Ecosystem, including ePRO, eCOA, and direct data capture (DDC) modules, is built to simplify data collection for both patients and sites. Lunexis maximizes protocol compliance, integrates patient and site data, and increases real-time visibility for your study teams.

Key Benefits

Our eSource solutions help you manage:

Heavy data collection from

  • Patients at home
  • Patients at sites
  • Clinicians at sites

Complicated eligibility criteria

  • Questionnaire compliance
  • Qualifying event criteria analysis
  • Eligibility scoring

Significant monitoring activity

  • Patient compliance
  • Site compliance and visit tracking
  • At-risk patient identification

International populations

  • Translations
  • Shipment planning and tracking
  • Inventory management

To date, our solutions have been used in GI studies across more than:

We make it easy to streamline your study startup and confidently:

Build and use questionnaires across any number of studies

Understand platform use rights for the most commonly leveraged questionnaires

Obtain MAPI and/or individual copyright holder certification

A Closer Look

Our team has worked with many GI questionnaires including:

Bristol Stool Questionnaire (integrated as needed)

CDAI (integrated as needed)







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