Infectious Disease

Rapid Transmission Requires Rapid Response

With infectious disease, there’s no time to lose.

You need to identify targets, develop vaccines and therapies, and submit information to regulatory agencies as fast and as accurately as possible. Manual paper-based data entry processes take weeks to verify and use. That’s time you don’t have.


Case Study

Leading Pharma Take Control of Infectious Disease Trial With Real-Time Data


The Lunexis™ eSource Ecosystem facilitates the following for an efficient, safe infectious disease clinical trial experience:

  • Real-time access to direct data capture (DDC), eCOA, and ePRO data enables immediate insights and interim analysis reporting
  • Near elimination of SDV enables remote source data review (SDR) and vastly reduces on-site monitoring
  • Supports decentralized trials — whether your study takes place in mobile units, an ambulatory center, remote medical tents, or somewhere else entirely
  • Central monitoring allows for quicker oversight, quicker response to patient needs, and reduced travel fees
  • Applications work on- or offline so you can collect data under changing environments
  • Easily sterilized tablets and styluses — with glove-compatible data entry — enhance safety for patients and clinicians
  • Rapid deployment means you can start your study sooner

For Rapid-Response Infectious Disease Trials, Get Real-Time Data Access With Clinical Ink.

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