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Our industry is full of challenges. But it’s also full of passionate experts. This summer, dive into our podcast on the last Friday of each month to talk about some of the biggest issues in the eClinical space. We’ll be inviting partners to come share their insights and expertise, so please share your questions or topic suggestions with us to join the conversation!

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Translation Transformation: How to minimize time and cost of ePRO translation

August 28

Translation Transformation: How to minimize time and cost of ePRO translation

On today’s global stage, patient populations and sites are located around the world and speak many languages. Having ePRO isn’t enough — you’ve got to ensure your translation process is using the most effective and efficient migration process possible to keep costs down and timelines streamlined. In this podcast, we explore:

  • The translation process and the importance of methodology selection
  • How advanced planning can best incorporate input from all stakeholders
  • When to start planning for translation

Elsa Lindstrom: project lead for eCOA-specific technology and processes at TransPerfect
Tracey Larrow: director of translation and localization services at Clinical Ink

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EDC Versus DDC: Why It Matters

July 31

EDC Versus DDC: Why It Matters

What is the difference between electronic data capture (EDC) and direct data capture (DDC)? What are the benefits of DDC? How can you use DDC to streamline your data and workflow and increase accuracy?

What you will learn:

  • Key differences between EDC and DDC
  • How a DDC system integrates with data sources including existing medical records
  • How the system you select impacts queries, data review, and data cleaning processes
  • A recap of the regulatory guidance on DDC
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