A Prerequisite for More Flexible Clinical Trial Designs: An Integrated eSource Solution

Clinical ink’s eSource solution helps produce flexible trial designs, reduces the cost of trial conduct, accommodates patients, and reduces the burden on sites.

Cover of eSource white paper
Download our white paper to learn more.

The life sciences industry is making the shift from site-based studies to those that incorporate at-home data collection devices and remote study visits. There is now a need for data capture solutions to collect data directly from a variety of sources beyond the traditional paper source document, such as telehealth video and audio files, wearable sensors, laboratory data, vital signs, and digital forms completed by the patient or clinician.

A solution exists to reduce complexity in clinical trial data collection allowing source data to be entered directly into a database without any intermediary steps. Such automated, real-time data capture, or eSource, vastly improves the efficiency of data management in clinical trials as well as supports a patient-centric approach to trial conduct. 

The use of eSource components allows sponsors to be more flexible in how they design their clinical trials to accommodate patients and reduce the burden on sites, as well as reducing clinical trial costs. Travel requirements are reduced for patients, and, with wearables, data input is automatic. Sites benefit from more automated processes, fewer queries, and more time to spend with patients. eSource in clinical trials allows for bi-directional information exchange between patients and sites, making for improved communications. 

To learn more, download our white paper A Prerequisite for More Flexible Clinical Trial Designs: An Integrated eSource Solution.

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