Simplifying Universal Access

The pandemic propelled the use of telecommunication technology, such as video conferencing and phone calls, to provide healthcare services remotely.

To be available to all patients, deliver proper communication, and comply with privacy and security regulations, Televisit requires integration and technical solutions that Clinical ink continually advances as part of its eSource technology approach.

Delivering the Right Technology

Televisits rely on technology. Connectivity issues, equipment malfunctions, or software glitches can impact the experience.

Sensitive patient data must be transmitted electronically. To comply with privacy and security regulations, televisits require secure communication protocols to protect patient information.

Simplifying Televisit for All

Clinical ink eSource technology and its Televisit solution enable site staff and patients and their caregivers to connect remotely for scheduled and unscheduled visits. 

Our platform and solution ensures televisits are easy-to-use, high quality, secure, and that patient information is protected.

Clinical ink Televisit delivers benefits to both patients and healthcare providers:

An embedded solution,  eliminating the need to download extra software.

Site staff can simultaneously input data and interact with patient via televisit.

Reminders via device notifications are delivered to patients before appointments start on a mobile device.

In-application pop-ups prompt patients and site staff to join when televisit is starting.

Advancing the Televisit Experience

Televisits may not be suitable for all patient populations, such as those with low health literacy, hearing or visual impairments, or limited access to technology.

Clinical ink continues to evolve the televisit process to be inclusive and accessible to a wider population, by providing captioning, audio descriptions, and other accessibility features.

To overcome the limitation of examination capabilities during televisits, our eSource approach enables us to deliver additional examination tools such as remote monitoring devices.

We also provide education and training for patients and healthcare providers on the use of televisits, which can lead to increased patient satisfaction and improved quality of care.

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