(Bring Your Own Device)

Imagine a trial where patients simply use a configurable, electronic patient-reported outcome (ePRO) app on their own smartphones to record all the data critical to your study. Clinical Ink is the bring your own device (BYOD) leader. We have BYOD experience with 15,000 patients in Phase I–IV+ trials, and we offer rapid build times.

Today, exploring new models for executing studies is critically important. While an increasing number of trials are successfully deploying BYOD with great results, some CROs and sponsors wonder about logistics and regulatory considerations. We’ll answer all your questions and address your concerns.

While much of the world is powered by modern smartphones, aligning your solution with that power and leveraging those devices for BYOD takes experience and know-how. To tap into BYOD’s promise of higher-quality data and better patient experiences, you need an expert partner that understands the intricacies of global operations. As the industry leader in BYOD solutions for ePRO and patient engagement, Clinical Ink will support you with nuanced evaluations of your target populations. We will judge how well they are likely to adapt to BYOD and what it will take to support the technology in their locale.

You can rely on our outcome solutions team to determine whether a BYOD approach is right for your study. We’ll assess the technology proliferation challenge, pressure-test your protocol requirements for endpoint efficacy, and evaluate any relevant copyright-holder use requirements. Clinical Ink will then help you deploy an ePRO and patient engagement solution purpose-built with the functionality to meet the demands of your specific protocol, rapidly.

Want an Illustration?

In one Phase III clinical trial, 90% of the 275 enrolled subjects utilized their own phones to submit their data at 16 time points per day for three days, two weeks apart.

Powered by a BYOD solution, the study achieved an astounding overall compliance rate of 98.3% with 86% of subjects being 100% compliant.


Key Benefits

Time Savings

Lower Costs

Convenience for Patients

Better Adherence

Training and 24/7 Help for Sites

Robust Platform and Rapid Build Times

Regulatory Expertise

Decentralized Trial Support

A Closer Look

De-Risked Logistics

Care for Measuring Equivalency

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