Clinical Ink Acquires Digital Artefacts

Powering the Convergence of Digital Endpoints and Outcome Assessments

Clinical Ink, a global clinical trial data and technology company and leader in eSource and eCOA services and decentralized clinical trials, has combined with Digital Artefacts, a digital endpoint-based technology company with an unrivaled modular platform for complex cognitive, behavioral, and physiological data capture.

Both companies share a heritage of pioneering new technologies and capabilities. Clinical Ink was the first company promoting eSource direct data capture to replace EDC. Digital Artefacts was among the first to patent self-directed cognitive assessments and deploy voice-based data analysis using artificial intelligence. Notably, Digital Artefacts has deep expertise and success leveraging data and technology to effectively deliver the context for insight-based decisions that are novel to the healthcare industry but are expected in other industries.

The complementary nature of our focus on complex therapeutic areas (CNS, immunology, GI, oncology) makes this a logical fit. Clinical Ink’s deep experience in eCOA, and eSource guidance over the years, coupled with Digital Artefacts’ digital endpoint expertise will help:

  • Drive regulatory acceptance of digital endpoints
  • Expand the richness of study data through the convergence of passive and active digital assessment (including wearables and sensors)
  • Further our therapeutic-area-specific approach to study design and data certainty from source to submission

Together we are better equipped to continue our commitment to capture data at the source and deliver quantitative insights, empowering our customers to make real-time highly informed decisions.

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