Empowerment Model

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The Empowerment Model: Your Data, Your Team, Your Way

A growing number of clinical trials use direct data capture (DDC), eCOA, ePRO, and/or eConsent. For some sponsors and CROs, technology solutions and support services that allow them to build their own study — with their data, their team, their way — is all that’s needed to execute an electronic data capture strategy. That’s why we’ve launched the Lunexis™ Empowerment Model.

The Empowerment Model is a first-of-its-kind approach that lets you subscribe to as much Lunexis as you need to build, manage, and run studies yourself. No matter how much or how little technology and support you need, we remain your loyal partner through the duration of the study.

Designed to support traditional, hybrid, and fully decentralized trials, the Empowerment Model lets you fly solo with our source data capture technology or soar in tandem with Clinical Ink’s supportive expertise. No matter how you configure Lunexis, you access our pioneering technology with more freedom and control than ever before.

By empowering you to build your study your way, while standing by to offer assistance when needed, you can launch your study even faster and save money.

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