Enhance Your Connected eSource Ecosystem With Mixed-Modality-Capable Lunexis ePRO+

Electronic Source Data Collection and Management Methods for Clinical Research

Streamline your clinical trials with more than fast, clean data — now gain even greater operational speed and efficiency with the configurable Lunexis™ Ecosystem. Deploy our holistic eSource platform, paired with adjacent best-in-breed technologies to achieve a better trial experience for everyone — with 3x-faster study builds.

As the pioneers in eSource, we know our solutions must fit patients’ and sites’ day-to-day realities. Lunexis ePRO+ enhancements provide the adaptability to support clinical trial patients and their physicians in today’s unpredictable world.

The more seamlessly your clinical trial fits into your patient’s life, the more likely your patient is to stay engaged. That’s why our implementation options support patients at home or at the clinic, on personal or provisioned devices. Today more than ever, Lunexis excels in supporting any decentralized or traditional model in any therapeutic area your protocol demands.


The latest ePRO+ enhancements will take you from protocol to a simplified, patient-centric solution in less time, allowing you to:

Offer Patients and Sites More Options With Mixed Deployment Modalities

Achieve Greater Operational Speed and Efficiency

No Need for Validation Enables Real-Time Decision Making

Deploy ePRO Quickly With Rapid Study Builds

Unified Authoring Simplifies Mixed-Modality Applications

Be Ready With Insight Into Patient Compliance

Engage Patients Even Better With BYOD

Navigate Complex Therapeutic Areas

Treat Your Team to Painless Training

Imagine a single technology that empowers sites and patients with an easier, more positive clinical trial experience and flexes to support you from protocol development to commercialization. Make it a reality with Clinical Ink.

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The Lunexis™ eSource Ecosystem streamlines processes and optimizes patient and site performance through a flexible, unified platform compatible with any trial design. It integrates mixed modalities: ePRO via smartphone — provisioned or BYOD, web, or both; ClinRO and DDC by tablet, web, or both; and sites — decentralized and traditional. With more options for greater convenience, patients have a more pleasant journey, stay engaged, and contribute more complete data.

How Will Your Patient’s Data Stream and Your Work Flow?
Here’s One Possible Reality.

Patient takes first step: eConsent
Clinician reviews eConsent, enters patient history by DDC
Clinician provides study smartphone
Patient answers home questionnaires
Device delivers visit reminder
ClinRO, visit form DDC, and site-based ePRO are recorded
Monitor reviews data remotely, via web portal
Biostatistician reviews data and completes analysis

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