Harness the Power of Sensors and Wearables to Measure Patient Health

Harness the Power of Sensors and Wearables to Measure Patient Health

Clinical ink enables patient science via mobile tasks engineered by our advanced clinical, software, and user experience experts. By coupling sensors and wearables with traditional eSource tools like eCOA, your study design gains essential data and context, and your study team can generate precision insights to support the development of digital biomarkers. 

Clinical Ink’s experience and expertise in the field demonstrate the full capabilities of sensors and wearables and empower patient outcomes in remote clinical trials.

Conduct Remote, UX-Friendly Tasks Aligned with Traditional In-Clinic Assessments

  • Balance 
  • Gait (Walking) 
  • Postural Stability
  • Pronation / Supination 
  • Resting Tremor
  • Articulation
  • Phonation
  • Reading
  • Verbal Learning and Memory
a clinical trial patient using a watch and mobile device to capture study data
  • Protocol-driven (based on study design parameters)
  • Sensor-driven (based on algorithmic detection of behavior or physiology)

Gather Remote, Passive, and In-Context Data Streams

a person looking at their heart rate on a smart watch
  • Actigraphy
  • Fall Detection
  • Geofencing and Life Space
  • Heart Rate, Variability, VO2 Max
  • Sleep Quantity and Quality
  • Tremor and Dyskinesia

Combine with Remote, Mobile eSource Technology

  • eConsent (Fully Remote) 
  • Neurocognitive Tests (self-administered)
  • Symptom Diaries
  • Study Support
  • Telehealth API Integration

Wearable and sensor technologies empower researchers to capture the full spectrum of patient health, including data that was once inaccessible. When integrated into Clinical ink’s robust cloud-based platform, our mobile data capture device technology allows you to track patient health remotely, objectively, and with higher frequency than traditional methods, regardless of whether it is being used in traditional in-clinic or remote clinical trials. 

Enable patient science via mobile assessments engineered by advanced clinical, software, data, and user experience experts. Power patient outcomes with Clinical ink.

Measure with confidence – any time, anywhere

Woman looking at wearable medical smart watch device on her arm.

Fact Sheet

Clinical ink has pioneered sensors and wearables clinical trial applications


Title page of parkinson's disease case study with another page from the study underneath

Case Study

See Clinical ink sensors and wearables in action in the WATCH-PD Study


The title page of the Clinical ink study “Digital Biomarkers as Endpoints in Parkinson’s Disease” with another page from the study below.

White Paper

Learn more about sensor and wearable-generated Digital Biomarkers in Parkinson’s Disease


Detecting Early-Stage PD Using Feature Engineering and Machine Learning in Sensor-Based Assessments featuring David Anderson from Clinical ink


David Anderson, Ph.D. reports new findings using Feature Engineering and Machine Learning in the Watch-PD Study

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