Solve the most critical problems in data management, monitoring, and patient retention by unifying disparate technologies and services.

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It’s time for a better clinical trial experience.

Tablet with Clinical Ink data capture app


Collect data and documents directly at the point of care to improve protocol execution, data transparency and research quality.

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Remote monitoring with Clinical Ink


Access your data and source documents remotely
— minutes after the patient visit —
for real-time monitoring and more effective RBM.

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Patient engagement with Engage app


Help patients be better clinical trial participants, and collect sensor and timely questionnaire data directly using mobile devices.

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The ss Platform

SureSource® studies work better because it addresses two of the biggest problems facing clinical trials today; the cost of collecting and cleaning clinical data and the cost and delays associated with acquiring and retaining patients for clinical trials. SureSource technology goes beyond EDC and ePRO to inform data-driven decision making with cleaner data, sooner. The results can transform your clinical trials. SureSource encompasses four Clinical Ink products:

Devices with Clinical Ink and CentrosHealth apps

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