Fact Sheets

SureSource Insight: Remote Monitoring and Data Management

SureSource Insight is the only platform that seamlessly integrates eSource at the site with remote monitoring of both data and documents. Monitors and Data Managers have real-time access to remotely view source documents within minutes of a patient visit – eliminating the need for SDV, reducing the number of onsite monitoring visits while improving the quality of Monitor-Site communications.”

SureSource Engage: ePRO and Patient Engagement

Whether its ePRO data capture, personalized study reminders, study-specific education content, BYOD or Provisioned – SureSource Engage is the most modern mobile app-based approach to engage with your patients.

SureSource Capture: Site-based eSource

Learn how the most widely used eSource platform benefits sites and sponsors by improving protocol execution, decreasing the burden on sites, and delivering data in real-time.

Introduction to SureSource

Overview of the SureSource Platform – the first ‘purpose-built’ eSource platform for Sites, CROs, Sponsors, and Patients.

SureSource: eCOA

From ClinROs, ObsROs, PerfOs, and PROs - covering a wide range of phases and therapeutics areas from Oncology to CNS studies, the SureSource Platform supports a large assortment of clinical outcomes assessments.