Chief Operating Officer

Brian Donahue

As Clinical Ink’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Brian Donahue is responsible for leading the strategic direction and operations functions of the company. A results-driven, competitive commercial executive leader, he has a passion for developing world-class talent to drive peak performance.

Brian thrives on forging strong client relationships, creative outcomes-based solutions, and overall company growth, blending the right balance of strategic critical thinking and tactical execution. He oversees Clinical Ink’s customer base support, including ongoing data reporting, and is driving innovative strategies for shared services, project management, and operations functions across the business.

Prior to joining Clinical Ink, Brian held a variety of leadership roles at GE for 16 years, up to and including X-ray general manager for the U.S. and Canada, central U.S. general manager, and commercial officer for the imaging business in the U.S. and Canada. Brian holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from West Virginia University.


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