Chief Executive Officer

Ed Seguine

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ed Seguine brings more than 20 years of clinical tech executive experience at big pharma and startup organizations to the Clinical Ink team. He joined Clinical Ink in late 2009 with the goal of eliminating the many problems caused by paper-based clinical trial processes and technologies.

Before Clinical Ink, Ed served as general manager, trial planning at Medidata Solutions, where he managed acquisition integration activities and product positioning prior to the company’s IPO. He also served as CEO of Fast Track Systems, where he oversaw the turnaround process and established early commercial successes for a novel product that became the rationale for acquisition by Medidata Solutions. Prior to Fast Track, Ed was a founding manager of the Eli Lilly & Co. venture capital funds, focusing on technology and biotech and device companies.

Closely involved with key industry initiatives, including CDISC and eClinical Forum, Ed is a frequent industry event presenter and publisher. He earned a Master of Business Administration from Indiana University, Bloomington and a bachelor’s degree in finance from Brigham Young University.


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